Choose from our 3 High Performance Options

Saves $40 per month† compared to homes that are built to minimum code requirements. Lexar's standard offering is built to meet these criteria and includes all of Lexar's standard high performance features. Show Features

  • Energy Heel Trusses Standard.
  • .27 U-value windows*
  • Above standard R-49 attic insulation
  • Insulated headers & corners
  • High energy efficiency water tank
  • Water conserving faucets
  • Airtight drywall application
  • Low-VOC primes, paints, adhesives & caulks*
  • Capillary breaks & high back flashing
  • Pan flash all windows & doors
  • High-quality house wrap
  • Sealed garage-to-house common walls
  • Recycle 85% of scrap building materials*
  • ENERGY STAR® high quality bath fans
  • Exceeds blower door test requirements
  • Engineered wood floor system
  • Built Green level 3

Saves $72 per month† and includes all of the Performance Plus features in addition to Lexar Standard high performance features. Show Features

  • Bibs blown in wall insulation for maximum insulating value achieving an R-24, full density application eliminating voids, gaps and compression found in standard batt insulation.
  • Wall insulation includes R2.5 foam-wrapped exterior, minimizing heat conduction through framing materials while adding additional air sealing benefits
  • Windows upgraded to .24 or better U-Value high energy efficient windows
  • 80% compact fluroescent light bulbs (CFL) ENERGY STAR
  • Mini split ductless heat pump system
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator System (HRV)
  • ENERGY STAR® third-party verification and certification
  • Built Green® level 4 certification*

*Some homeowner participation is required to reach certification level.

Saves $111 per month† and includes all of the Standard Performance features, Performance Plus features, and Lexar Performance Premium features. Show Features

  • Advanced framing techniques to maximize insulation capacity
  • Premium insulation package includes R-31.5 Insulated Air sealed exterior wall assembly - 2" of spray-in closed cell polyurethane foam insulation with R-15 batts plus R-2.5 foam-wrapped exterior. ( R-5 foam can be placed on the exterior but requires addition framing and siding work to accomplish
  • High efficient heat pump hot water tank reducing where the most amount of energy in your home is waisted.
  • High Efficient Furnace with high efficiency Hypo-Allergenic MERV8 air filters or dual indoor, with dual outdoor ductless mini split.
  • Built Green® Level 5*

*Built Green level 5 obtainable with MUCH homeowner participation.

† Estimated savings based on average energy consumption for a 2000 sq ft home Calculated by certified HERS verifier. Actual amount may vary depending on energy consumption and size of home.

*Where weather permits
**Recycling done where recycling programs are available