Please consider the following facts should you be deciding between a stick-built or mobile/modular home:

1. A stick-built home is a structure that is built entirely on-site from the ground up.
2. A mobile or modular home is assembled in a factory and transported to the site to be assembled.
3. A site-built home is built using a more traditional method of home construction (i.e.; concrete foundation, stick framing) rather than pre-fabricated and built remotely like a mobile or modular home.

A stick-built home will appreciate in value, meaning that if you go to sell your home after it’s built you will see a greater return on investment.
A modular/mobile home begins to depreciate in value the moment it is delivered.

Historically, stick-built homes were more expensive than mobile homes. That has been the case for many years, however the demand for affordable homes has increased forcing stick-built home builders to become more competitive. It is also easier to finance and insure a stick-built home.
Though modular and mobile homes have historically been an inexpensive alternative to a stick built home, they have increased in price in order to compete with the quality and features of homes built by on your lot builders.

A stick-built home can be customized and modified to fit your needs. From the floor plan, to the finishes, you can create a one of a kind home.
Most modular or mobile home manufacturers have a few floor plans to choose from, with minimal customization due to structural capabilities.

Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency in stick built homes is consistently higher than mobile and modular structures. With strict building codes regulating the home building industry, home builders are required to meet high energy codes. Higher energy efficiency will decrease energy bills for the life of the home, saving you money.
The mobile and modular home industry has gone from the Department of Motor Vehicles regulating it to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In that change, the regulations for building a mobile/modular home have become unclear.
To give an example of a stick-built superior building practice-
* The additional framing that is required to pre-fabricate mobile and modular structures causes excessive thermal bridges in the building envelope.
* Stick-built home builders can implement advanced framing techniques (i.e. California Corners) that will prevent energy loss in your home.

Building a stick-built home, you the home owner, can see the home’s progression from foundation to finish. You have an open line of communication to your project manager, and can be involved in the process, keeping an eye on your investment.
With a mobile or modular home, you must trust that your home was assembled properly in a factory at another location. By the time the structure is delivered the pre-fabricated pieces are mostly built.

Supporting Local Economy
An on-your-lot stick builder employs local sub-contractors and tradesman, obtains supplies from local lumber yards and building supply stores, and encourages financing options with local lenders.
A mobile or modular manufacturer will build the pre-fabricated pieces of your home in an off-site location. Then when the pre-fabricated pieces make it to your site, the final assembly is completed by the builder’s specialists, this bringing little to no local business to your area.

We hope you find this helpful in your home search!

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