The Lexar Homes Promise

Every element of your home is important to us. Your needs guide our solutions, and your goals inspire our business.

Your building journey begins long before the first bit of concrete is poured, sticks of wood are nailed together or your keys drop into your hand. It begins with a dream, a vision of your perfect home and a path ahead to the first family meal in your new home. As you walk through this journey Lexar seeks to make the path as smooth and straight as possible.

01. Land

If you haven’t already purchased your property, we can help you understand the various municipal or county requirements and can walk you through our site selection process.

Finding the right piece of land to call home is one of the most exciting aspects of the building process. Although making this decision isn’t always easy, the rewards at the end are well worth the efforts. Lexar’s Home Consultants will help you understand the building requirements in your area and walk you through this process.

For your convenience we also offer a Turn-Key Service which includes every detail – from site development, permitting, and utilities to the final walk through.

When looking at land, it is important to keep some things in mind:

Slope of ground: Even grades are beneficial for reducing development costs. The steeper the slope, the more work that needs to be done to achieve a building pad. This can affect foundation heights, driveway entrances, access by large supply vehicles, emergency vehicle turn around areas, etc.

Wetland areas: Many regions have critical wetland areas. Make sure you are fully aware of any wetland concerns a lot may have. Some jurisdictions place regulations on wet areas including natural water features like streams or ponds. Some large developments have water run off areas that could affect the property.

Foliage: Dense brush may be hiding unforeseen development costs. Take a good walk around on the property, especially where you envision your home being placed. Plants and trees, like cedar trees, that grow in wet areas are sign to be aware of. You may not need to avoid these lots, but these properties may require additional planning.

Lexar can help you determine the best source of fresh water, power access options, and guide you through the city or county permitting process.

What is your site’s source of water? In general, it’s either from a municipal source, a community well, or a private well.

As you are choosing a building lot and the location to plan your home, consider where your power will come from. Is your power 100 feet from your build site or 1200 feet? Will you be placing your power overhead, or underground? These details could affect the overall cost of building your home. Your local power company will work with you on how to bring service your home. They will assist you with arranging for temporary power while your home is being built, and advise on establishing your permanent connection. Lexar’s construction team is always available to help answer questions and assist.

Lexar can help you determine your best waste disposal solution.

Your site will either require a private septic system or need a connection to a community sewer system. If a septic system is already present, the city or county may need to conduct an inspection before you may receive a permit. Should you need a septic designed for your property, Lexar can recommend a number of excellent local contractors.

Lexar will help you through the excavation process of clearing the site and determining a safe and efficient access point.

Each site requires quality access, not only for constructing your home, but for emergency vehicles as well. Special consideration should be given when building on a property with steep slopes. Please keep in mind that long, tall, heavy trucks must be able to maneuver around the build site. Lexar’s consultants can help determine what will be necessary and safe.

Excavation and site preparation are an exciting step in building your home. The amount of excavation will be influenced by location, soil conditions, terrain, and size of the home you choose. The size of the area to be cleared can affect the overall cost of your new home. Lexar Homes works with a long list of local subcontractors who are experienced in clearing and excavation of land in your area. We can help you arrange for your site to be well prepared and ready for building.

Once your home is contracted, Lexar’s Pre-construction team will provide you with the information and documentation needed to obtain building permits.

You will need to contact your power company and city or county to see what additional permits you will need for development of the property you chose. The necessary permits can vary depending on the needs of your lot, but may include permits for land clearing, septic installation, road approach, and power installation. Lexar’s Pre-construction Managers are experts at assisting you with the entire process, leading you down the path ahead.

Below are a number of helpful links to lend a hand in the permitting application:

02. Design, Customize & Price

Pick your floorplan:

It’s time to choose the floor plan that best suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking a large craftsman design with timber frame accents for your expanding family, or a modern farmhouse for your forever home, within Lexar’s vast selection of plans you will surely find one that suits your vision. Choosing a stylish established Lexar design allows for the quickest return on engineered blueprints, ready for permitting.

Customizing your plan:

We can make customizing your floor plan easy. Depending on the level of modification, you’ll work with one of our design consultants or an architect to tailor your home to meet your needs. There may be a moderate fee for plan redesign, fluctuating on the amount of modification and engineering required.

Personalize your home:

At this point, you will visit a design studio and meet with your Lexar Home Consultant. From countertops and colors, to carpets and cabinets—this is where you will be able to give your home a personal touch.

Your Lexar Home comes with the most accurate estimate in the home building industry. Our skilled estimators and project staff work with you to develop an estimate that includes the custom options you want and need. We then provide you with upfront pricing before you are asked to sign a contract. Once the foundation is poured the price for your custom home is locked-in and won’t change mid-build.

03. Build

With a plan in place and permits in hand, it’s now time to watch your home take shape. While some stretches of the construction process may feel slow, others will seem to happen in the blink of an eye. This is a normal part of the build process and is woven into the overall schedule. While your home is being built, your Lexar Homes Project Manager will help you understand the phases of construction.

  • Pre-Construction: This is the time in which funding is being secured, permits are being obtained, and the site is being prepared for the fun to really begin.
  • Pouring foundation: It’s just the start, but it’s the start of something great — your new home.
  • Framing your home: You can really see it take shape, now that the walls and roof have an outline.
  • Plumbing, electrical and HVAC: When visiting your homesite, you will see a lot of wires, pipes and ductwork. The inner workings of your home are all being put into place.
  • Midpoint Inspection: To ensure the quality of your home, Lexar goes through 160+ inspection points before the walls are covered. Inspections such as these are why we can provide the best warranty in the industry.
  • Insulation, drywall and paint: Now your house really looks like a home. The walls are up and complete, and you can see it starting to come to life.
  • Cabinets, flooring and fixture installation: The finishing touches are complete, and the end of the path is in sight.

04. Finalize

Once construction is complete, you’ll join your Lexar Homes representative to perform our exclusive Lexar 100 Point Personal Walk-Thru Inspection to ensure your new home exceeds both building standards and your expectations. We’ll complete any corrections in a timely fashion and it’s about time for you to move in.

All that’s left is to sign the paperwork, take care of any financial obligations, and get the keys.

05. Enjoy

Now sit back and relax!

You are the proud owner of a Lexar Home. You made the right decision by choosing Lexar Homes as your builder. You can look forward to a lifetime of quality as you add the personal touches that make this home your own.

And rest assured – Every Lexar Home includes our exclusive 3-5 Limited Lifetime Warranty, which features:




The Lexar Homes Promise

Every element of your home is important to us. Your needs guide our solutions, and your goals inspire our business.
We are available to answer your questions!
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In order to show you accurate plans and pricing, we need to know where you want to build a home!


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In order to show you accurate plans and pricing, we need to know where you want to build a home!


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In order to show you accurate plans and pricing, we need to know where you want to build a home!


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In order to show you accurate plans and pricing, we need to know where you want to build a home!


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In order to show you accurate plans and pricing, we need to know where you want to build a home!