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Meet Lexar Homes of Clarkston

Your quality, energy efficient, on your land, custom home builder in Lewiston and Clarkston!





Physical Office Located at:

504 Main Street, Suite 240 Lewiston, ID 85301


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NOTE: Homes in this region feature the following premium inclusions:


  • Granite or Quartz Countertops
  • HVAC - Forced Air with Energy Star Rated Heat Pump
  • Energy Star Rated Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
  • Cement Lap Siding
  • Raised Heel Energy Trusses with Enclosed Soffits and Continuous Ventilation
  • Custom cabinets with multiple choices of color, style and wood. Soft close doors and drawers included.
  • LVP Flooring (In Select Locations)
  • LED Lighting Throughout the Home
  • Energy Star Rated Vinyl Windows
  • HERS Certified Home Energy Certificate
  • 50 Yr Roofing Shingles with Non Prorated Warranty
  • Premium Interior and Exterior Paint

Where We Build

Olympic Peninsula Custom Home Builder Lexar Locations

With offices in Sandpoint, Coeur D’Alene and Lewiston, Lexar Homes North Idaho is serving on your land home building needs in Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Shoshone, Benewah, Latah, Nez Perce, Lewis and Clearwater counties in Idaho AND Whitman and Asotin counties in Washington. Make an appointment at one of our locations today!

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    Meet Royce, Steve & Ryan
    Owners of Lexar Homes of Spokane, North Idaho and Lewiston

    At Lexar Homes, we believe in the power of dedication, passion, and teamwork. These offices are led by a trio of remarkable owners, each with their unique expertise, and a common journey that speaks of loyalty and commitment.

    Royce is the dynamic force behind our sales and marketing. With an innate ability to understand what families truly want in a home, he’s been instrumental in shaping Lexar Homes’ identity in the community.

    Steve, with his sharp financial acumen and meticulous approach, oversees the financial and pre-construction facets. He ensures that our projects are not just visions, but feasible dreams grounded in reality.

    Ryan is the maestro of construction. His hands-on approach in project management ensures that every Lexar home is built with precision, love, and quality.

    All three of them didn’t just join Lexar Homes; they grew with it. From the roots of their careers to becoming the proud owners of this location, their journey embodies the very essence of our brand’s ethos. It’s not just about building homes, but about creating lasting relationships and trust. Welcome to Lexar Homes – where dreams meet craftsmanship and dedication.

    The Pre-Construction Team - Pioneers Before The Build
    Lexar Homes Spokane, North Idaho & Lewiston

    Presenting our formidable Pre-Construction Team, a collective of dedicated professionals who lay the essential groundwork for your custom home. Our team is more than just a group; they are the pillars that ensure a solid foundation for every Lexar home.

    While you might be introduced to our local teams throughout the process, know that behind the scenes, this expansive crew is working tirelessly for each and every one of our home buyers, irrespective of where you’re building. They are the unsung heroes who handle the myriad details prior to the first stud being nailed up, ensuring a seamless transition to the construction phase.

    From site assessments, permits, design tweaks to material sourcing, our Pre-Construction Team is committed to setting the stage right for your dream home. At Lexar Homes, we believe in unity, dedication, and collective expertise. With this team by your side, rest assured that the blueprint of your home is in the hands of seasoned professionals.

    Join us in celebrating their invaluable contributions – here’s to the team that turns visions into executable plans!

    The Construction Team - Crafting Dreams into Reality
    Lexar Homes Spokane, North Idaho & Lewiston

    Meet our Construction Team, the dynamic ensemble that transforms blueprints into beautiful homes. Comprising a skilled blend of project managers, superintendents, and dedicated office staff, this team embodies the spirit of craftsmanship and precision that Lexar Homes is renowned for.

    While you might interact with various local representatives, it’s the collective strength and dedication of this entire crew that ensures the flawless realization of your home, no matter where you choose to build. From the first shovel in the ground to the finishing touches, they are the hands and hearts that meticulously mold your vision into tangible structures.

    Our project managers oversee the intricate dance of timelines, resources, and quality control. The superintendents, with their keen eye for detail, ensure every aspect of construction meets our gold-standard benchmarks. And our office staff, the backbone of our operations, ensure everything runs like a well-oiled machine, seamlessly bridging communication and logistics.

    At Lexar Homes, we pride ourselves on the collective passion, expertise, and dedication of our Construction Team. They’re not just building homes; they’re crafting legacies of trust, quality, and excellence. Raise a toast to the team that stands at the heart of every nail, beam, and beautiful space we create!

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    Photo of Lexar Homes Online Sales Consultants

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