Empowering Home Builders As Franchise Owners

May 14, 2024
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Lexar Homes: Empowering Home Builders As Franchise Owners

As an aspiring or current business owner, choosing to operate a franchise can be a pivotal decision, and aligning with the right corporate team is crucial. Lexar Homes, a leader in the custom, on-your-lot home building sector, offers a compelling opportunity through its franchise model. This blog post will delve into how the seasoned team at Lexar Homes’ corporate office enables franchise owners to excel by providing unparalleled support and industry expertise.

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Understanding the Lexar Homes Story

Founded in 1993, Lexar Homes has established a long-standing commitment to fulfilling the dream of affordable homeownership. This journey began with a focus on innovative home design and customer service and evolved significantly over the decades.


By 2010, Lexar Homes recognized that affordability in homebuilding is influenced by more than just initial costs—it includes long-term sustainability and energy efficiency. This realization led Lexar Homes to become one of America’s largest green home builders. The company integrates cutting-edge, environmentally conscious technologies and materials to create homes that are both energy-efficient and beautiful. This approach does not only meet the demand for eco-friendly living but also ensures that homeowners save on energy costs in the long run, emphasizing true affordability.


With 18 offices strategically located across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Arizona, Lexar Homes has significantly expanded its reach and ability to serve diverse communities within these states. Each office is deeply integrated into its local area, allowing Lexar to tailor its building practices to the specific climates and local regulations of each region, which further optimizes the homeowner’s investment.

Leadership in Home Building Innovation

Over the years, Lexar Homes has built a legacy of over 5,000 homes, each embodying the company’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. With more than 75 unique floor plans, Lexar Homes ensures that potential homeowners can select a design that perfectly aligns with their lifestyle and budget, all while upholding the highest ecological and quality standards.

Advanced Building Practices and Technologies

Lexar Homes’ dedication to innovation is manifest in its building practices and customer engagement strategies. The company leverages state-of-the-art software and project management tools to ensure that every home is constructed with the utmost precision and efficiency. These advanced technologies enable Lexar Homes to consistently deliver projects on schedule while maintaining rigorous quality controls, ensuring that every home meets the high standards expected by today’s discerning homebuyers.


Understanding that the landscape of home building is ever-evolving, Lexar Homes places a strong emphasis on continuous professional development and industry-leading training for its franchisees. Multiple times a year, franchise owners have the opportunity to participate in specialized training sessions led by Lexar Homes’ experienced internal teams. These sessions are designed to enhance their skills in various aspects of home building, from project management to innovative green building techniques.

Diverse Learning Opportunities

In addition to internal training, Lexar Homes encourages its franchisees to attend prominent industry events such as:


  • Construction Instruction: A hands-on workshop focusing on the latest construction techniques and technologies.


  • International Builders’ Show: The largest annual light construction show in the world, offering insights into the latest trends, products, and tools.


  • BuildRight Conference: A key event for staying updated on high-performance building practices and networking with industry leaders.


  • Professional Women in Building Retreat: An event dedicated to empowering women in the construction industry through workshops, networking, and leadership training.

These events are carefully selected to ensure that franchisees are exposed to the forefront of building science, equipped with knowledge about the latest trends and best practices, and inspired by innovations in the field. By providing regular access to training and industry events, Lexar Homes ensures that its franchisees are not just following trends but are ahead of them. This dedication to training and development helps franchise owners to enhance their expertise, refine their business practices, and elevate their customer service, thereby driving their success and the growth of their businesses.

The Lexar Homes Promise

Each element of building a Lexar home is handled with utmost care and precision, from initial design consultation to handing over the keys. The Lexar Homes Promise encapsulates this commitment to quality, ensuring that every homeowner feels confident and satisfied with their investment. This promise, combined with the company’s innovative approach and community focus, makes Lexar Homes a leader in the homebuilding industry.


By choosing Lexar Homes, franchisees and homeowners alike become part of a legacy of quality, innovation, and commitment to making the dream of affordable, sustainable homeownership a reality for families across the Western United States.

Expert Guidance for Home Builder Franchise Owners

The Lexar Homes franchise model is designed to expand the company’s mission and foster the growth and success of small businesses in the western United States. The team at Lexar Homes understands that the journey of building custom homes is unique for each client, which mirrors the franchise experience. Franchise owners receive comprehensive support in various critical areas:


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Proven Systems : Franchisees benefit from prov

en business systems and state-of-the-art technologies that streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and improve overall efficiency.



Corporate Support: A corporate support team comprising industry-leading professionals, such as Eric Peterson, who recently spoke at the prestigious BuildRight Conference. This support extends beyond operational advice, delving into strategic market positioning and leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

A Spotlight on Lexar Homes Industry Experts: Eric Peterson’s Impact

Eric Peterson, Director of Marketing at Lexar Homes Corporate Office, showcased his industry expertise at the 2024 BuildRight Conference with a compelling presentation titled “Using Cutting-Edge Marketing to Propel Sales of Comfortable, High-Performance Homes.” His insights provide a clear example of the proactive, forward-thinking approach Lexar Homes takes towards business development and franchisee support.

2024 BuildRight Conference Presentation Highlights

  • Engaging Potential Buyers: Eric highlighted the importance of interactive solutions such as virtual home tours, augmented reality experiences, and interactive floor plans to engage buyers. These tools allow customers to visualize and personalize their future homes, enhancing the buying experience and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Leveraging Video Content: Eric detailed how Lexar Homes employs video content to underscore the benefits of their green building practices. These videos educate buyers on the long-term value and environmental impact of their investment, serving as powerful marketing tools that highlight the uniqueness of Lexar Homes.
  • Empowering Sales Teams: His presentation focused primarily on empowering sales teams through in-depth training on green building technologies and practices. This enables teams to communicate effectively with prospects about Lexar Homes’ advantages, enhancing customer understanding and sales outcomes.
  • Crafting a Unified Marketing Message: Eric stressed the importance of a unified marketing message that resonates with today’s eco-conscious consumers, integrating sustainability into the brand narrative in a way that appeals both emotionally and intellectually.

The Impact on Franchise Owners

For franchise owners, Eric’s expertise is not just showcased in his presentations but is embedded in the everyday support provided by the corporate office. His insights into cutting-edge marketing strategies are disseminated continuously to franchise owners, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive home building market. This direct line to industry-leading expertise allows franchisees to immediately apply innovative practices, significantly boosting their market presence and sales potential without having to wait for annual conferences.

Why Start Your Home Builder Franchise with Lexar Homes?

Choosing to operate a Lexar Homes franchise means more than starting a business. It’s about becoming part of a family that values sustainability, quality, and affordability. The corporate office not only provides the foundation for running a successful franchise but also champions the growth and development of each franchise owner.


Many franchise owners attribute their success to the ongoing support and expert guidance from the Lexar Homes corporate team. Their testimonials highlight the personal and professional growth experienced through this collaborative relationship.


Lexar Homes stands out in the home building industry not only for its commitment to quality and sustainability but also for its robust support system for franchisees. As a business owner, aligning with Lexar Homes means joining a network that is deeply invested in your success. Contact Lexar Homes today to explore how this partnership can help you achieve your business goals and contribute to building better communities.


For more information on becoming a part of the Lexar Homes family, reach out to us for Lexar Homes Franchise Information.