Worry-Free Launch™

While building a home can be one of the most rewarding and impactful experiences in a person’s life, it can also be one of the most complex.  Lexar Homes works hard to provide an all-inclusive service that helps our customers manage the different phases of custom homebuilding, distilling its complexities down to easy-to-grasp decisions along the way.  Lexar Homes’ Worry-Free Launch™ is a turn-key service offering prospective homeowners peace of mind as they embark on their Building Journey one step at a time.

A ‘Turn-Key Service’—What Does That Mean?

When you see the phrase “turn-key” floating around, you might dismiss it as industry lingo and wonder what it really means.  Put simply, it means we shoulder each phase of the building process, so your biggest concern is showing up on move-in day to turn the key in the lock.

“Worry-free,” however, doesn’t mean you’re not involved!  This is your home, your dream, and our job is to help you realize it.  We carefully work with you during each step of development to make sure your home and your vision are one and the same.

What Is Involved?

This collaborative process begins long before ever breaking ground on a property, and isn’t complete until we fulfill our exclusive 100-Point Personal Walkthrough Inspection.

For a detailed roadmap of each step of your Building Journey, click here.

Alleviate Worry With a Certified Homesite Evaluation™

The earliest stages of building a home are where soon-to-be homeowners feel most worried and vulnerable.  Pre-construction is likely the most stressful and time-consuming part of the process.  At this stage, a lot more sentences seem to end with question marks than with periods or exclamation points.  Will I even be allowed to build on my property? How much will ‘site prep’ cost me? What does site development actually involve?

We alleviate the stress and worry of the pre-construction process by offering a Certified Homesite Evaluation to Lexar Homes customers.  While we are not a feasibility company, and our job is not to deem property “buildable” or “unbuildable,” our qualified staff can help you in the initial steps of discovery by offering a “10,000-foot view” of feasibility; a general overview of information you will need to make vital decisions early on.

Because we believe education is key to a homeowner’s peace of mind and happiness with their forever home, we offer this Certified Homesite Evaluation as part of our turn-key Worry-Free Launch program.  It is also included in our Foundation to Finishes™ Pricing.

We know your property is unique.  To schedule a visit with one of our Home Consultants to discuss your needs and goals, and find out what turn-key solutions are available to you based on your location, click here.  You can also contact us by calling 1-888-701-6132. 

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