Foundation to Finishes™ Pricing

You’ve done your research.  You’ve heard sales pitch after sales pitch.  You’ve spent months on the web, weighing your options and shopping builders.  You know what you want, and now you’re ready to build your forever home.  You also know customization means cost, and the last thing you want is to be taken by surprise at any stage of your building journey.  An accurate estimate is essential.

Lexar Homes’ Foundation to Finishes estimation process is all about transparency, honesty, and forethought.  Estimation is among the earliest stages of converting your vision into a reality, and it’s important to us that those first steps be exhilarating, not stressful!

As part of our turn-key Worry-Free Launch™ service, our Foundation to Finishes estimating process involves a few key elements you won’t experience with other builders:

    • Upfront Pricing – No nickel and diming
    • Pre-Con Pricing – We go out of our way to include pre-construction costs in our estimate

A Step-By-Step Process to Upfront Pricing

Other builders will give you a “bare-bones” cost at the beginning, intending to make an extra buck in unanticipated costs after you sign a contract.  We don’t do that.  While there may be subtle differences based on the capabilities of each Lexar Homes location and market conditions, we work hard to show consistency with these three easy steps:

      • Step 1: Our skilled estimators and project staff work with you to develop an estimate that includes the custom enhancements you want and need
      • Step 2: We provide you with upfront pricing before you are asked to sign a contract

Simple, right? Just like that, with a Foundation to Finishes price in hand, you are ready to begin your building journey! For a detailed walkthrough of each step of that journey, click here.

Exploring Your Options? Let Us Be Your Second Opinion

Many builders bank on their customers’ lack of knowledge in the building process.  Lexar Homes believes education is key.  We understand building your home may be the biggest investment you make for the rest of your life.  So even if you’re pricing out your home with other builders, let our qualified staff “fact check” your estimate for quality and transparency.   

Contact us to schedule a visit with a Project Consultant. We will work together to develop a Foundation-to-Finishes price for your Lexar custom home on your property. 1-888-701-6132

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