Lexar Homes Exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty


Foundation to Roof Top


Electrical / Heating and Plumbing Systems

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Equipment / 12 years – Production / 25 years


Foundation / Framing / Trusses / Etc

We know your home isn’t just a building.  It’s a place to start a family; a place to watch your children grow up.  It’s a place for sleepovers, family dinners, and anniversary parties.  It’s a place for growing older, and comfortably aging in place.  It’s an opportunity to live life’s most important moments in a home that is truly yours.  Lexar Homes is proud to help you protect that investment with a promise of elevated efficiency, enduring quality, and peace of mind.

Our Part: A Promise of Elevated Performance

Our warranty is a promise of elevated quality; that your home’s performance will reflect exemplary building standards from top to bottom, inside and out.  This includes:

  • A 3-Year Foundation to Rooftop Warranty: We stand by our promise that your home’s standard elements will conform to industry performance standards, free of defects.  This includes everything from its roof, doors and windows, to its insulation, heating and ventilation systems
  • A 5-Year Mechanical Warranty: There’s a lot going on under your home’s surface, with its systems working harmoniously together.. This includes your home’s heating, water piping and electrical systems.  We proudly stand by our work, promising that your home’s mechanics will work properly, making your home as efficient, comfortable, durable and healthy as possible
  • A Limited-Lifetime Structural Warranty: Your relationship with Lexar doesn’t end when we hand you your keys. For as long as you own your home, we guarantee its structural, load-bearing elements will meet the elevated level of performance we’ve promised all along.  That means a home that is solid, well-founded, and will stand the test of time

Your Part: Maintaining Your Investment

Of course, as with any high-performance structure, Lexar homes need to be maintained and cared for properly.  That’s where you come in.  We assure a properly constructed home; however, you as the homeowner must actively participate in maintaining that investment.  To help, we will provide you with a comprehensive General Home Maintenance Guide, along with product-specific manuals and warranties from various manufacturers.  Maintaining your home according to this guide and the manufacturers’ warranties will assure that the home is being cared for in a proper fashion and meets the stated requirements of the Warranty.  (For a comprehensive list of inclusions and exclusions, click here).

The Value of a Promise

Lexar Homes views our exclusive warranty as a serious commitment to our customers, and proof that we know the value of a promise.  We know you’re not just investing in a high-performance structure; you are writing the next chapter of your story.  We guarantee that chapter will include a better, healthier, and more comfortable home.