COMPANY: CertainTeed

The AirRenew® family of products are the only gypsum boards that actively clean the air. They feature the industry’s first formaldehyde-absorbing technology which actively removes formaldehyde from the air, converting it into a safe, inert compound, improving indoor air quality for generations.

  • Safely converts VOCs into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor which evaporate into the air
  • Breaks down pollutants and odors
  • Provides protection against the growth and transmission of bacteria that comes into contract with the panel (bacteria that may damage, discolor or create odor on the panel will not be able to spread)
  • Up to 75 years of effective formaldehyde absorption based on tests and analysis
  • Maintains effectiveness even when finished and painted with multiple layers of most water based acrylic and epoxy or covered with breathable wallpaper using conventional gypsum board techniques
  • Easily recycled, in the same way as regular gypsum board
  • Panel construction provides sound absorption for improved room acousticsIdeal for use in schools, hospitals, nursing homes and officesClass A flame spread (less than 25) when tested in accordance with ASTM E84
  • Can be sent to landfill (if permitted locally) – safe to humans, animals, and ground water
    Easy handling and installation similar to other CertainTeed gypsum boards

CertainTeed’s new AirRenew™ wallboard employs two technologies to actively improve indoor air quality. First, it cleans the air by permanently removing certain VOCs – mainly formaldehyde as well as other aldehydes – that are circulating indoors. AirRenew™ also incorporates M2Tech® technology, which provides enhanced moisture and mold resistance.

An additive in the AirRenew board reacts with the formaldehyde found in indoor air, trapping it in the gypsum core and rendering it chemically harmless by converting it into safe, inert compounds. Formaldehyde is commonly found in glue, paint, furniture, cleaning products, and cosmetics. It is a known carcinogen that can also cause headaches, respiratory problems, depression, as well as other health issues.

How AirRenew Works: