What Is A Stick Built Home?

What Is A Stick Built Home?

The following will help you understand more about building a stick-built home:

1. A stick-built home is a structure that is built entirely on-site from the ground up.
2. A stick-built home is built using a more traditional method of home construction (i.e.; concrete foundation, stick framing) rather than being pre-fabricated or built remotely.

• A stick-built home will appreciate in value, helping you to see a greater return on investment.

• The demand for affordable homes has increased, forcing stick-built home builders to become more competitive. However there are still many factors that one must consider when figuring cost; items such as roofing, insulation, framing methods, siding type, window type, cabinets, countertops, flooring and the list goes on but all of these must be considered when figuring cost. These are all items that will have an impact on the final cost of a home and should each be given careful consideration prior to having a home built.

• A stick-built home can be customized and modified to fit your needs. From the floor plan, to the finishes, you can create a one of a kind home.

Energy Efficiency
• With strict building codes regulating the home building industry, home builders are required to meet stringent energy codes. The overall energy efficiency will impact energy bills for the life of the home, the more energy efficient techniques used in constructing the home the more longterm savings one can expect to see.

• Building a stick-built home, the home owner, can see the progression of construction from foundation to finish allowing involvement in the process and an opportunity maintain oversight of what may be the single largest investment one will make in their lifetime.

Supporting Local Economy
• A stick builder employs local sub-contractors and tradesman, obtains supplies from local lumber yards and building supply stores which encourages growth in our local economies.

We hope you find this helpful in your home search!

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