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Buying a Lexar Home


Choose Your Site

LEXAR will help you understand the requirements and walk you through the site selection process.

When purchasing a site on which to build there are several building requirements to consider. These include power, waste disposal, the availability of fresh water and emergency access. Additionally, your site’s layout and location can impact each of these greatly. Lexar’s consultants will help you understand the building requirements in your area and walk you through this process.


Water & Power

LEXAR can help you determine the best source of fresh water, power access options, and guide you through the city or county permitting process.

What is your site’s source of water? In general, it’s either from a municipal source, a multi-party/community well or a private well. Lexar can help you determine your best options for fresh water and guide you through the city or county water permitting process.

As you are choosing a building lot, consider where your power will come from. Is your power 100 feet from your build site or 1200 feet, overhead or under ground? These details could affect the overall cost of building your home. Your local power company will assign an engineer to work with you on how to best service your home. They will assist you in arranging for temporary power while your home is built and advise on establishing your permanent connection as well. Lexar’s construction consultants are always available to help answer questions and assist with this.


Waste Disposal

LEXAR HOMES can help you connect with existing waste disposal resources, or we can work with you to design an entirely new waste disposal system.

Your site will either require a private septic system or need connection to a community sewer system. If a septic system is already present, the city or county may need to conduct an inspection before you get a permit for it. Lexar can recommend a number of excellent local contractors, should you require a septic system designed for your site. If your site will require connection to a sewer system, contact the city or county and they will assist you in arranging for that.


Access & Excavation

LEXAR HOMES will help you through the excavation process of clearing the site and determining a safe and efficient access point.

Each site requires quality access, not only for constructing your home, but for emergency vehicles as well. Special consideration should be given when building on a property with steep slopes. Please keep in mind that long, tall, heavy trucks must be able to maneuver around the build site. Lexar’s consultants can help determine what will be necessary and safe.

Excavation and site prep are an exciting step in building your home. The amount of excavation will be influenced by location, soil conditions, terrain, and size of the home you chose. The size of area to be cleared can affect the overall cost of your new home. Lexar Homes works with a long list of local sub-contractors who are experienced in clearing and excavation of land in your area. We can help you arrange for your site to be well prepared and ready for building.



LEXAR HOMES will provide the specific details you need to obtain building permits

Once your home is purchased, Lexar will provide the specific details you will need to obtain your building permits. The information above is just a guideline. Lexar’s preconstruction consultants are experts at assisting you with the entire process.

 Below are a number of helpful links to lend a hand in the permitting application: 

State of Washington — Washington property owners can obtainbuilding permit information online or by contacting the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington.

State of Oregon — Oregon provides building permit information online or property owners can contact the Local Building Department Directory.

State of Idaho — Idaho property owners can apply for building permits online. Additional information about building in north Idaho is available at the Bonner County Planning Department and Kootenai County Building Division.