What We Do Different

What We Do Different

Homebuyer Checklist - 15 Things to Look For When Choosing a Home

All homes are not created equal. Unlike most homes on the market, Lexar Homes are built to performance standards that exceed the minimum state code requirements, resulting in energy efficiency and energy savings for you. We encourage you to review this list and compare our homes to others that you might be considering.


.27 U-Value Windows

Code = 0.30 (the lower the number, the higher the efficiency)

Why it's the right thing to do: High performance windows will save you money and provide a comfortable and consistent room-to-room living environment. They also prevent UV rays from damaging or fading your furniture and flooring.

Value = $300–$500


Above Standard R-49 Attic Insulation

Code = R-38 (the higher the number, the better the efficiency)

Why it's the right thing to do: Increasing the attic insulation by 33% and using above standard insulation techniques saves money, energy and reduces noise. Formaldehyde-free insulation made of recycled material promotes healthier indoor air for your family.

Value = $125–$350


Insulated Headers & Corners

Code = required, but not enforced in many jurisdictions

Why it's the right thing to do: Advanced framing techniques increase the amount of insulation in your walls, reduces the amount of wood in your home, lowers your heating costs and saves you money.

Value = $150–$300


Energy Efficient Heat Pump Hot Water Tank

Code = * Washington State Requirement - Not Required In Other States

Why it's the right thing to do: In addition to saving you money, the high efficiency hot water tank will last longer and perform more quietly than traditional models.

Value = $220


Water Conserving Faucets

Code = not required

Why it's the right thing to do: Water conserving faucets prolong the life of your system and save you money in usage and repair.

Value = $150-$300


Airtight Drywall Application

Code = not required

Why it's the right thing to do: The airtight drywall application reduces energy costs, minimizes dust, improves indoor air quality, and stops moisture intrusion.

Value = $300-$500


No/Low-VOC Primers, Paints, Adhesives & Caulks When Feasible*

Code = not required

Why it's the right thing to do: By removing toxins in your home, we’re reducing landfill contaminants and eliminating off gassing in the environment. It’s good for your family and the planet.

*These are water-based products that cannot be used in freezing temperatures.

Value = $150-$250


Capillary Breaks & High Back Flashing

Code = not required

Why it's the right thing to do: Installing capillary breaks creates a protective layer that stops moisture transfer in your home and prevents rotting and mold.

Value = $100


Pan Flash All Windows & Doors

Code = not required

Why it's the right thing to do: Pan flashing creates an added layer of defense, just another step Lexar takes to assure your home is protected from moisture damage. This improves the comfort and overall performance of your home while protecting it from moisture damage.

Value = $250 - $500


High-Quality House Wrap

Code = Standard Vapor Barrier Only

Why it's the right thing to do: High quality drainage wrap creates a barrier that moves moisture away from the home. This also reduces drafts, creates a more comfortable home and promotes cleaner indoor air quality.

Value = $200


Sealed garage-to-house common walls eliminates transfer of toxic air into the home

Code = Not Required

Why it's the right thing to do: Creating an airtight seal reduces the opportunity for common garage pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, fertilizers, and gasoline, from entering your home.

Value = Priceless


Recycle 85% of Scrap Building Materials

Code = Not Required

Why it's the right thing to do: Recycling our scrap building material reduces the negative impact on the environment, lessens landfill waste, and lowers overall cost. (Homeowners are encouraged to recycle where possible. (Not all building jurisdictions have affordable recycling programs or a recycling program at all.)

Value = Priceless


Energy Star High Quality Bath Fans

Code = Standard Fan w/ Heat Light Only

Why it's the right thing to do: High efficiency bath fans increase air exchanges, reduce moisture condensation, improve the indoor air environment, and use 65% less energy than louder, traditional models.

Value = $1000*


Exceeds Blower Door Test Requirements

Code = 5 ACH Air Changes per hour (meets WA State energy code)

Why it’s the right thing to do: Our system surpasses code requirement by 20%, saving you additional dollars by reducing air/heat leakage throughout the home.

Value = $325


Engineered Wood Floor System

Code = Not Required

Why it’s the right thing to do: Strong, engineered floors eliminate squeaks and vibration while providing peace of mind with a 50-year manufacturer warranty. Seventy percent of all wood in Lexar Homes is engineered to maximize efficiency and reduce waste.

Value = $350