Finding Property for Your Dream Home

March 29, 2019

One of the most difficult hurdles to cross when thinking about building a new home is to find the RIGHT property to build on. Every person has an idea of what the perfect property looks like – a suburban neighborhood where your kids can make lifelong friendships? A rural property where you can’t see your neighbor? A river runs through it? It is hard to know where to start to look for that perfect spot.


First, narrow down your region. You likely have some parameters in mind already; distance to your employer, or distance to your kids’ school. For some lucky retirees, the world is your oyster, but you would rather be within driving distance of the grandkids. Whatever your situation, narrowing down a basic geographic location can help start the process of looking for property.


Next, establish your budget for building your home. Do you have an idea of what your dream home will cost? Is the property and location most important to you, or would you rather put your efforts into the home itself? Answering these questions will help narrow down the search.


Next, start the search! This is the fun part. There are several resources you can use to find property:


  1. Make an appointment to visit with a builder – a Home Project Consultant can offer some great insight on what to look for when looking at property, and keeps an eye on what is available on the market.
  2. Online,, all have limited land listings. Some shoppers have more luck with, which has more comprehensive land listings available.
  3. Use a realtor – finding a realtor that understands land purchases can be key. Your builder may be able to recommend a trusted real estate professional.

Keep in mind when looking for property – the more developed the property is (are water, sewer, and power at the street? Or will you need to install a well or septic system?), the less money you will put into site development and permitting.


When you have identified property that looks promising, make sure to make an appointment with a builder to review it to make sure the home you would like to build suits the lot, and suits your budget.


An amazing property is out there waiting for your new home!

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