‘Under One Roof’—Multigenerational Living Is Making a Fierce Comeback

Amid a time of economic and social change, a record number of Americans—at numbers not seen since the Great Depression—live in multigenerational households. The reason why may have a lot to teach us about the future of the homes we live in, and how we live in them....

What are Builder Grade Materials and How Can They Affect my New Home?

When shopping for a builder, it is very important to know what materials that builder uses in the construction of a new home. Often, a builder uses “Gotcha” pricing to attract customers, but offers low-level materials and finishes, or even an incomplete home for that price. If you are looking for LONG TERM QUALITY in your new home, it is important to take a look at the materials used....

Finding Property for Your Dream Home

One of the most difficult hurdles to cross when thinking about building a new home is to find the RIGHT property to build on. Every person has an idea of what the perfect property looks like – a suburban neighborhood where your kids can make lifelong friendships? A rural property where you can’t see your neighbor? A river runs through it? It is hard to know where to start to look for that perfect spot....

What is Site Development and how can I get it done?

So you just found the PERFECT property for your dream home! Now what? Site development is an all-encompassing term for the work that is to be done to a property to prepare it for building. Building your dream home starts with correct preparation of your property! The unique layout of each property makes it important to have the best resources available to prepare the land. In some areas, feasibility studies, surveys, or soil testing must occur before any development begins....

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