Multigenerational Home Plans Design Ideas

August 18, 2022
Multigenerational home plans featured image multigenerational family designing home plan on computer

Multigenerational Home Plans

The past couple of years have been great for sellers because they were able to cash in while the market was hot – extremely hot. Buyers were chomping at the bit to buy a home. They were offering more than a home’s true value. They were foregoing the usual contingencies that would help to protect them from getting a raw deal. They were even offering cash! 


In such a competitive market, it became more common for households to be multigenerational. COVID shone an unflattering light on the treatment of the elderly who lived in retirement homes. The cost of living increased so much that younger generations stayed at home or moved back with their parents to save money. 


Many of today’s house hunters are looking for multigenerational home plans that have functional design elements that would make combined living more comfortable for their elderly loved ones. If you’re prepping to buy a new home and trying to price your home to sell or want to design a new home incorporating these functional designs, check out these ideas!

Improved bathroom accessibility

The bathroom is one of the rooms that people are most interested in, especially if they have older family members with mobility issues. Bathroom features that are important to multigenerational families include things like grab bars near bathtubs, toilets, and shower stalls. Open storage spaces near the vanity, walk-in bathtubs and even heated flooring are also featured that can make the bathroom functional for everyone. Designs like the one pictured below in one of our primary suite showers which includes a large bench and grab bars is a great example of the multigenerational customizations that we offer in our homes.

multigenerational feature of lexar home plan primary shower

Design the kitchen with mobility in mind

Along with the bathroom, the kitchen is another key space where functional design elements for multigenerational families. Things like motorized cabinets and counters that are lower or have a carved-out space for walkers or wheelchairs are good customization options, not just for the elderly but for anyone with disabilities. Like the kitchen shown below, many of our home plans have a standard design that include wide spaces for extra mobility and allow for additional changes to make accessibility even better to fit your needs. 

Multigenerational Home Plan Design in Kitchen with Wide Spaces

Make stairways and doorways safer

The standard width of an interior door ranges between 28 to 32 inches, but multigenerational families find wider doorways that are 40 inches and up much more useful. If you have a multi-level home, safety is very important! You can make stairways safer by painting the banister a contrasting color or updating the overhead lighting to make the stairway much brighter. 

Multigenerational Home Plans – Create a space to unwind

Everyone needs a place to decompress that isn’t their bedroom. If you have the space, create a quiet nook where people can unwind and collect their thoughts. This space can be outside, on the patio, or in a spare room. 

Invest in an ADU (additional dwelling unit)

Additional dwelling units (ADU) are in high demand among multigenerational families because it gives everyone their own private space while living at the same address. ADUs can be a guest house, finished basement apartment, converted garage, or studio shed. There are a lot of options and if this is something you’re interested in, consult a real estate agent to gauge what ADU is most popular in the area – if at all. Below is an example of a Lexar home that can be built as an ADU on your property – The Pebble. 

multigenerational home plan adu on property pebble home plan

Families want multigenerational home plans

Did you know that approximately 60 million households in America are multigenerational? That’s a huge segment of the population that needs homes that are designed with multigenerational living in mind. These functional design ideas aren’t just good for the elderly, they can be beneficial for anyone, no matter how young or old they may be. Whether you want to make some alterations to your current home before selling or need some ideas and inspiration for designing your new home, this is a good place to start. All of our home plans are fully customizable and a secondary suite can be added to almost any of our plans! Fore more information about the customizations we offer on our plans or to get started designing your home, contact us today!