‘Standing On the Shoulders of Uncertainty’

May 12, 2020

As the American economy navigates uncharted waters in midst of a pandemic, current and would-be homebuyers may wonder how it will affect their dream to build a home. But there may be opportunities for them to convert negatives into positives, and use a time of uncertainty to build momentum.


Admittedly, the start of 2020 hasn’t seen a lot of picture perfect moments for buying, selling, and building homes.  This year, homebuying season began strong, and got an early start; a report by the Mortgage Bankers Association showed an uptick in activity as early as January.  And then, when the coronavirus began to spread, tightening its grip on the world scene, housing markets across the country began to show signs of trouble.  This resulted in what the National Association of Home Builders described as an “unprecedented drop in builder confidence is due exclusively to the coronavirus outbreak across the nation, as unemployment has skyrocketed and gaps in the supply chain have hampered construction activities.”


Taking all of that into account, it would be understandable for homebuyers at any stage of building a home to second-guess where their projects are headed.  Those who were close to pulling the trigger on building their home may especially feel like their dreams are frozen in time, with no idea how the future may affect their plans.


The good news is, that isn’t entirely true.

“What is most important to us is that our customers don’t watch their dream of building a home fade because they encountered circumstances no one could have predicted…”


While the current forecast for the world of housing and homebuilding may seem somewhat bleak, there are things homebuyers can do to convert negatives into positives; to gain some momentum toward realizing their dream of building a home even as whole industries slow down around them.

Future homeowners can get started on their building journey even though they may not be ready to break ground right this second.


“Building a home is an important step that involves a need, not a luxury,” said Madison Stenek, New Home Specialist with Lexar Homes.


One way we are helping our current and future customers stay on track despite unique, pandemic-related challenges is by offering a Certified Homesite Evaluation™ as part of our Worry-Free Launch™ program, since there is so much to do before construction ever begins.  While Lexar Homes is not a feasibility company, and does not declare land “buildable” or “unbuildable,” we do help our customers in the early steps of discovery by offering a feasibility walkthrough—a “10,000-foot view of feasibility,” if you will.  This is all part of Lexar Homes’ Foundation to Finishes™ Pricing, and helps our customers make vital decisions early on.


“What is most important to us is that our customers don’t watch their dream of building a home fade because they encountered circumstances no one could have predicted,” Stenek continued.  “We are basically telling them, ‘We’ll make the calls, we’ll generate the bids and get the pricing.  And even though this process usually has costs associated with it, we’ll do it for free.”That way when the world is turned back on, you will have a plan in hand and all your questions answered.”


Lexar Homes is proud to be an educational resource to current and future homeowners during these times of uncertainty brought on by COVID-19.  For more information, click here or call 1-888-701-6132 to speak with our specialist Madison.