It’s Easier Than You Think to Build

It’s Easier Than You Think to Build

Doug and Annie Johnson experienced firsthand the potential stumbling blocks of dealing with complex permitting issues when trying to build their first custom home. However, Lexar Homes' Brent Walker and Tracy Rhynes exemplified our Worry-Free Launch™, a turn-key process that simplified what the Johnsons thought was going to be a complicated process.

In 2014, while living in Colorado, Doug and Annie Johnson received the call all parents look forward to—that they were going to be grandparents—not once, not twice, but three times over.

“Five years ago, [our] two sons and one daughter announced to us that they were having babies. In the same year,” Annie said. With all three of their children based in the Pacific Northwest, they decided it was time to move closer to their growing family. “So we looked into building,” Annie said, “and we discovered that it’s really quite possible.”

For the Johnson’s, that discovery—that building a custom home was an affordable alternative to purchasing a pre-constructed home—swung a door of possibility wide open. It gave them control over the next chapter of their lives, allowing them to build a custom home that promoted energy efficiency, superior quality, health and comfort.

The Johnsons, however, were not without their concerns: How would they find land? Would the process be too complicated? Would they be overwhelmed by a quagmire of permitting and land development complications?

A ‘Turn-Key’ Approach to Finding and Developing Land

The support and assistance they received from Lexar Homes™ was evident, Annie said, “long before the foundation was dug, long before we really got there.”

Their experience wasn’t a twist of fate or a stroke of luck.

Lexar Homes’ attentiveness to the Johnson’s comes as a natural byproduct of their entire approach to homebuilding: that its complexities can be distilled down to an efficient, turn-key process that flexibly meets homeowners’ needs, without ever sacrificing quality.

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Resources to Simplify the Building Process

Lexar Homes’ care for their customers, though, isn’t relegated to answering frequently asked questions or doling out quick tips.

“We offer resources no other homebuilder is putting on the table,” said David Danton, Operations Manager for Lexar Homes. “We are not only putting the right tools in the hands of our customers to get the job done; we are their team members working with them every step of the way, often before a homesite is ever decided on, to make sure their vision is brought to life.”

For example, consider two ways Lexar Homes offers practical assistance to its customers:

  • Finding land. To help you start your Lexar journey off on the right foot, we are happy to recommend real estate agents in your area who are familiar with on-your-lot homebuilding.
  • Choosing land. Once you set your sights on a prospective homesite, Lexar will visit the site with you before you make an offer and clarify any questions regarding site development and permitting for that specific piece of land.

“You know, I think about many things Lexar did that really made us happy in this whole process,” said Doug Johnson. “One is the way they interacted with us as customers, more so as friends and advisors rather than a salesperson.”

“That whole experience of being a part of the construction all the way through is completely different from anything we’d experienced before,” Annie added, speaking to the turn-key nature of their Lexar experience, “and I think it’s just very, very enjoyable. They helped us through the decision-making process the whole way.”

Lexar Homes Customer Review Video

To hear Doug and Annie Johnson’s Lexar Story™ in their own words, watch the video here.

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