The Value of a Promise

March 17, 2020

The Value of a Promise


Promises are tricky: they’re made all the time and honored far less often.  When someone promises us something, typically our next question is “Will it be kept?”—an “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality that permeates our interactions with friends, family, businesses and brands.  It’s a social contract that can get messy fast if both sides don’t view it with equal respect.


The only way for the promise to hold value, and for the promisor to earn the trust of its recipient, is if the promise is kept.  In some ways, it’s like a person who borrows money from a bank: the entire agreement that is based on the borrower’s promise to the bank that they will pay back the money being loaned.  Similarly, a promise is a line of credit we pay off with the currency of corresponding action.


Our promise is only as valuable as our follow-through.




This is especially true when the stakes are higher, and the promise concerns something of intrinsic value.  Naturally, we have a specific example in mind: the quality of your home.


In Lexar Homes’ Exclusive Warranty, we make the bold promise that each of our homes “has been built to meet an elevated level of building standards and should perform as such.” “Elevated,” meaning it will exceed industry standards and transcend the expected.  Our objective is not to meet the minimum basic requirements of homebuilding.  We build better, healthier, more efficient homes that are designed to improve quality of life and strengthen the peace of mind of Lexar homeowners.


All of that sounds nice, but it means nothing if we don’t stand by our work where it counts “with the currency of corresponding action.”


That’s why Lexar Homes’ Exclusive Warranty is so important: it is legal proof that we put our money where our mouths are, that we stand by our work, that we know the value of a promise.  It is a written guarantee that we, the homebuilder, don’t end our relationship with our homebuyers when we hand them the keys.  We are there to support their Lexar experience for as long as they own their home.


“People commit to us, so we commit back,” said James Moen, founder and owner of Lexar Homes.


In the homebuilding industry, the average warranty lasts about one year across the board, with the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty being considered the “gold standard.” In the early days, Lexar Homes fell squarely into that category.


On paper.


“But as a newer company,” Moen continued, “we quickly found that we were exceeding our own warranty, and the industry standard as a whole, in terms of caring for our customers.”


As a result of that realization, the Lexar Homes Exclusive Warranty quickly evolved from being what most warranties are—a bunch of small-print legalese that says a lot, but really means “don’t call us after 12 months”—into the crown jewel of the Lexar customer experience.


“We were already doing it anyway,” Moen said, “so why not express it? Why not be the first to stand up and say, ‘we’re a better homebuilder, and to prove it, let’s put it in black and white’?”




In the end, the “why” behind our word—the thrust and motivation for the Lexar Homes Exclusive Warranty—is about producing an experience for Lexar homebuyers that is unique: peace of mind, stemming from our devotion to elevated quality.  A home that is transcendent of industry standards.


When brands interact with their customers, it is rare for a genuine symbiosis to develop, for that relationship to feel anything more than transactional.  Homebuilding, however, taps into something quintessentially human that goes far beyond a transaction.  A home is where life’s most important moments will happen.  And when building a new home, it is not merely an investment for you, or a sale for us; it’s a chance to write—to build—the next chapter of your story together.


Click here to view our game-changing warranty, and find out in detail why it is a promise of elevated quality, exemplary building standards, and customer peace of mind.

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