Choosing the Right House Plan

January 10, 2022
Looking at house plans with colors

Browsing through house plans to determine the right one for you can certainly be overwhelming, but mapping out the details before you start your search can help you feel more confident in the process.  

Whether it’s your first home or you have owned multiple, buying and building a home is a momentous accomplishment. Not only that, it’s also an investment that most people won’t get many opportunities to make in their lives. Regardless of if it’s a first home, move up home, investment property, vacation rental or other, it’s important to take the time to make sure it’s built right with the features you will want for the long term. These are some helpful hints to use as you start browsing home plans to build.  

Don’t forget to dream!  

When planning your new home, remember to include your dreams and creative ideas in the process. This is a good place to start as it really allows you to think through what you want in your home. Have you always wanted a gourmet outdoor kitchen? A theater room? An outdoor pool? Extra guest living spaces to rent out? This is the time to dream. In the end you may not be able to include all of your dreams when looking at house plans, but don’t worry about that in the beginning.  


It’s much easier to thin out your wish list later on in the process than it is to go back to the beginning and add things. You may also be surprised—some things that seem like just a dream might end up being more feasible than you once thought! Lexar Homes can do any type of build—anything from minimal changes to major, full custom modifications. Check out our project gallery for inspiration, and consider visiting sites like Pinterest for additional ideas.  

Choose the style and location you desire.  

There are so many options when it comes to exterior architectural styles for your home. Whether it be traditional craftsman, modern farmhouse, contemporary prairie, timber or you want to mix and match to create your own, choosing the style you want will help you narrow your search when looking at home plans. The style you pick can affect the layout of your home, so determine which one fits your needs the best before you get started looking for a house plan.  


The style of your home can also be greatly influenced by where you want to live. Understanding the popular styles in the area you will be building in can help you make your decision. Certain styles of homes are built in specific areas due to things like climate, so choosing your location is an important step in the process.  

Time to get practical.  

Now that your wish list is made and you have an idea of the style of home you want to build, it’s time to make a more practical list of the “must haves” for your new house. This should include things like bedroom and bathroom count, types of living areas you need to have, and the features you need in your home to live life the way you want to.  


Consider the land you will be building your home on—the size and building restrictions may have a big influence on what you can build. Determine how big or small of a home you need and think about your “must haves”–if you are going to be restricted on size due to the size or layout of your land, be sure to look at house plans that have the bedroom, bathroom, and living space counts that you need rather than focusing on the size. 

Make a budget and start shopping for home plans. 

After you’ve mapped out all of the details you are looking for, last (but certainly not least) it’s time to make a budget. This is the point where you get to combine your dream wish list, your location, your style, and your “must haves” together and see how they fit into your budget. In order to make this determination, you’ll want to start shopping builders and plans. As you start shopping, you’ll find out what things fit in your budget, how much you might need to increase your budget, and what things you might need to trim out.  


Lexar Homes has the expertise to guide you through the entire process including a wide variety of plans and styles to fit your needs and budget. Browse our plans to shop styles and home plan layouts and reach out to us today at 1-888-701-6132 with any questions or if you want help getting started.