How to Choose the Right Location to Build a New Home

April 11, 2022
Family Looks at Land they have Purchased to Build a New Home

Choosing the Right Location to Build a New Home


When deciding to build a new home, it’s important to consider the many factors that can impact your lifestyle.


Building a home is one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life, and ensuring you make informed decisions within each step of the process is crucial. When considering the many factors that go into choosing a location, figuring out how much house you can afford is a great first step in the process. Figuring out your budget can ease the process of finding land and help you narrow down your search based on which criteria is most important to you.

Proximity to Work and School

Before you build a new home, choosing land that is near your job or your children’s school can be critical for your family. In addition to making your commutes as short as possible, this will also allow your kids to socialize with your neighbors and build up a community with their future peers and classmates. Being in close proximity to school might also mean that as your kids get older, they can walk to and from campus.


As for being close to work, shortening your daily commute will result in less time spent in traffic and more time spent doing the things you enjoy with your family or getting more things done around the house. This can be ideal in an emergency situation, as you’d be able to run home from work in a pinch, or go into work on short notice if called in.


Building your home in the desired proximity to highways, hospitals, airports, stores, and restaurants is a great way to make sure your new home fits into your lifestyle. For example, if your family goes out to dinner frequently, choosing a lot that is near a wide variety of restaurants might be the route for you. Ensuring that your neighborhood suits your needs should be one of your top priorities, as you’ll hopefully be living there for a long time. Researching these non-negotiables can help avoid any sacrifices and allow you to keep the things you want when finding property for your dream home.


Having your home located near major highways can make commutes and travel much easier. If you have family and friends who live out of town, it also makes it more convenient for you to visit each other if your home is close to these major roads. The same goes for choosing a neighborhood that has a lot of shopping or recreational activities. This type of community would be ideal if you have kids, as town centers like this are great places to gather with friends.

Neighborhood Safety

Safety is arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing a neighborhood to build your home. Ensuring that your family and your possessions are protected can be a continuous benefit in the long run. It’s important to do research on the towns you’re looking to build in and figure out which areas have the most safety equipment and the lowest crime rates.


This also boils down to the safety on your street. Does your area have a neighborhood watch team? Is your street well-lit at night? Are there security cameras on your block or will you install some on your property? These are all questions to ask when you’re looking for the right land to build your future home on.

Type of Property

Deciding between a house in a suburban neighborhood or a rural area can be a difficult decision. It’s essential to consider the pros and cons of each option, so you can make a thought-out decision on which aspects of the neighborhood you’d be able to live without. For example, living in a suburban neighborhood gives you more access to nearby amenities like shops, restaurants, and community parks while a rural area gives you more land, less expensive properties, and more privacy to enjoy your new home.


A suburban area can sometimes have better school districts as well, but if you don’t have children or choose to send your children to a private school, this wouldn’t be as important of a factor for you. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many families have chosen to relocate to a rural area to have more space and live in a less crowded environment. If this is a concern for you, a secluded piece of land without any close-by neighbors might be the right choice.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right location to build a new home is a challenging task. Tips like these can help make an informed decision before you begin your build. Making sure you consider factors that are most important to your lifestyle will ensure a lifetime of happiness in your new home. Reach out to us today if you want help getting started or even just want some expert advice!